Chinese Clothing

Clothes should fit and feel natural when worn, humans should live harmoniously with nature.
hina has been called "The Clothing Kingdom," to quote the Yi Ching or Book of Changes: “Five legendary Emperors invented Chinese clothing prompting the use of societal etiquette.” As you can see, the Chinese place a lot of importance in their style of clothing.

Chinese history and culture spans over 5,000 years. Although historical shapes of thought have changed over time and fashionable styles have come and gone, the basic form and structure of clothing has remained unaltered. The elements of Chinese styling were first developed during the Shang dynasty (1600BC-1046BC) and clothes commonly worn today continue to incorporate many of these ancient designs and principles.

Traditional Chinese clothes are loose and flowing and Chinese clothes have many unique characteristics: printed designs, embroidery, bold colors, Mandarin collars, and countless intricate cuts and button designs. Varied in purpose and appearance, traditional Chinese clothing can be worn on any occasion from casual to formal.