How to buy

1.All customers must be legally over the age of eighteen (18) at the time of placing an order with TigerDragon.

2. Any weapons or other products purchased from TigerDragon are the responsibility of the customer. TigerDragon takes NO responsibility  for injuries or any other consequences of using TigerDragon purchases without regard for safety or your country's legal code.

3.Returns and refunds are generally NOT accepted. Extenuating circumstances may be sumbitted to the staff of TigerDragon, but
 are in no way guaranteed to warrant a refund of money.

4.Items purchased through TigerDragon may be of a slightly different color than the pictures of said items. In all other aspects, however, any weapon ordered with TigerDragon will appear exactly as advertised.

5.All orders placed with TigerDragon must be associated with a specific and valid address. In order to ensure that orders are shipped to and will be received by the proper parties TigerDragon will send a verification e-mail including the customer's address and a list of purchased items. Upon receiving said e-mail the customer should respond with an e-mail indicating that the address is correct.

6.Please be aware that some swords may not fit both ways into their scabbards. If the sword only fits one way there is no issue with the quality of the sword. Because many swords sold on TigerDragon are fitted with hand-crafted blades that are not perfectly symmetrical there may be one orientation in the scabbard that fits the blade best.

7.In many cases, if you encounter difficulties fitting the sword into the scabbard in a certain direction, applying oil to the blade of the sword helps it slide in. Do not under any circumstances force the sword into the scabbard the wrong way, as this can result in damage to the sword and scabbard.

In order to get orders into the hands of customers as fast as possible TigerDragon ships all purchases within 24 hours of receiving the customer's address verification e-mail. Therefore, after sending the address verification e-mail the customer has twenty-four (24) hours to cancel the order. This is the last opportunity to cancel any order made with TigerDragon, and after this time all orders are neither returnable nor refundable.

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